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Tax Consultants in Delhi

Important of Tax Consultant in Delhi and How They Help in Tax Filing

A professional tax consultants assists and provides valuable advices to individuals or business houses with tax filing and returns. A consultant suggests and informs customers with the legalities to save more money and also adhere to tax related rules and regulations formed by the government. Tax consultant’s major objective is keeping the taxes of his clients to a minimum. Depending on their domain of proficiency, consultants are broadly classified into two types:

  • Individual income tax return and filing consultant, and
  • Corporate tax consultants

Advantage of Hiring Tax Consultant in Delhi

  • It is difficult for a common man with partial knowledge in Tax & financing to understand Tax policies. A tax consultants can help you to understand thing easily.
  • Having familiar with the government and banking policies, a tax consultant handles all your tax affairs in the area of investment.
  • A mistake in filing your tax returns may lead to a huge penalty during the investigation by IRS. A Tax consultants can guide to file it properly and save you from this disaster.
  • As tax consultants keep themselves updated with the latest policies and schemes related to taxation, they can provide quick solution as per your concern.
  • With the help of a tax consultant, you can reduce your tax liability. This reduction enables you to allocate your resources in different areas for rapid business growth.
  • An experienced consultant precisely checks returns from previous financial years of a company to make sure that they were completed properly.

How to File Income Tax?

  • Visit the Income Tax India homepage Try to register. During registration details like mobile number, PAN and valid email id will be confirmed from you.
  • After successfully login click on ‘View Form 26AS (Tax Credit)’. On this page you get the information of the tax paid on your behalf. This value displays on the page should match the amount of tax deducted/deposited on the form No 16. For accurate and reliable solution, it is essential to get assistance from a professional.
  • Go to again. If the website asks you to log in again click on Quick e-File ITR.
  • Now, you will be asked to opt the income tax return form type. Select the current session as an assessment year.
  • Fill in your personal details properly as per the instructions. In block A7, you are asked to mention the Income Tax Ward/Circle. Once you fill all the information properly, it is the time to move to the next tab. Try to save the form to avoid any hassle.
  • In next tab, you have to fill your Income Details.
  • Your next section is Deductions under Chapter VI A that asks the details of your investments. It reduces the amount of taxable income. Housing loan repayment, life insurance premium and PF falls under Section 80C.
  • Next is Tax Details segment. Here, your salary details and tax deduction details are available.
  • The next section is taxes paid and verification section. You’re eligible for a refund if you have over paid.
  • You have to provide your bank account number and IFSC Code for refund transfer.
  • The last tab 80G is special for donation providers. Once everything in the place, click on submit and get the confirmation immediately.

This article is a complete guide for the people who want to be acquainted with tax filing and return procedure and also the significance of professional assistance.

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